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Welcome to Becoship AB

Since over 30 years Becoship are working with agency, forwarding and as shipbrokers in Karlshamn. Good relations with cargo owners, port and stevedores has defined the company through the years.

The whole region of Blekinge and especially the port of Karlshamn has over the last few years grown to be an important logistical site for cargo to the Baltic States as well as the rest of Europe and the whole world. We at Becoship are part of this development and are constantly working to be able to expand the range of services to our customers. 

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Good relations with both cargo owners and shipping lines give us the best premisses for our work as shipbrokers for all kinds of cargo. During the years we have come to specialize in timber and represent several liner services from southern Sweden.



As forwarders we handle all kinds of cargo. We help our customers to find overall solutions for transports at sea as well as on land and we assist with storage, document handling, customs matters etc.



We serve all types of vessels at their calls in all the ports in the Blekinge region but with focus on Karlshamn. We handle the contact with local authorities, port, stevedores and receivers/shippers. 24 hour service every day.



Members of the Swedish Shipbrokers Association and certified by Fonasba Quality Standard

The Fonasba Quality Standard (FQS) serves to assist ship owners and operators in their selection of who is to represent them. This will ensure a specific level of knowledge and experience as well as financial standing of their selected representative.

Staff contact information

Jonas Karlsson

Jonas Karlsson

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+46 708-13 02 24

Thomas Ahlford

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+46 708-86 28 60

Maria Svensson

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+46 72-721 90 80

Niklas Nilsson

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+46 702-84 59 05